Malawi has a very rich cultural diversity exemplified by national monuments, artifacts, relics, Museums, heritage centers and cultural expressions including: – music, song and dances, games, folk tales, handcrafts, beliefs, language, literature and religion. Furthermore, culture is crucial for poverty reduction, sustainable social- economic development, increased sense of national identity and unity as well as any other human endeavors. In recognition of this fact, the Government of Malawi in 2005 took the initiative to facilitate the establishment of Malawi Folk dance, Music and Song Society (MFDMSS) with a view of promoting and developing Malawian culture, in particular its unique folkloric arts.

The Society has since established three regional chapters, namely South, Centre and North. Although MFDMSS has been in existence since 2005, it has only been a beneficiary of the Cultural Support Scheme (CSS) funds for two years. The scheme has provided a lifeline for the Society, which hitherto had no reliable sources of income for carrying out its activities. In the two years, as a beneficiary, the Society focused on strengthening its capacity by among other things formulating and adopting its constitution and conducting leadership training and training in costume design and management where 30 members were trained.


President : Emmanuel Ngwira

Cell : +265 888 323 655

Email :

Address : P.O. Box 31942. Chichiri. Blantyre 3. Malawi