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29 Oct 2021
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The Copyright of Society of Malawi – (COSOMA) has called on the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to support the body in its efforts to fight against piracy.

COSOMA’s Executive Director, Dora Makwinja made the remarks during the opening of a training workshop for police prosecutors and investigators on the Copyright Act.

“We have one key similar mandate; we all work in trying to enforce the law in this case the Copyright. However, there are a lot of issues that fall under this Legislation which need understanding for our different stakeholders like the police,” she said.

Added Makwinja: “The infringements that fall on the Copyright Law are handled by you. This meeting is just to remind you of what you are supposed to do and iron out issues that need further clarifications from the Society.”

The training is part of a series of activities that the body has lined up in a bid to create an understanding of the Act amongst its stakeholders including the courts.

According to the COSOMA boss, the goal is to see to it that copyright offenders get punishments that would deter others from committing the same offense, thereby recusing cases of piracy.

In his remarks, Police Commissioner responsible for human resource management and development, Stan Kaliza, said the training will facilitate and strengthen the ties between the MPS and COSOMA.

“This will be achieved through good understanding of the Law as well as proper investigation and prosecution of copyright infringement as the session is designed to equip participants on the applicability of the law.

“This is an area police officers need to understand clearly and by being drilled by COSOMA. Investigations and prosecutions about piracy issues will be done according to law resulting in courts being able to mete out proper punishments as the officers will be able to articulate the law,” he explained.

He also called on more awareness especially towards the general public as they are key to the “process of addressing copyright issues.”

Fifty police investigators and prosecutors drawn from different stations across Malawi are part of the training in Salima.

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