The National Theatre Association of Malawi [NTAM] was established in 1988 as Drama Association of Malawi [DAM]. In a couple of the succeeding years, it changed its name to National Theatre Association of Malawi (NTAM to reflect other elements that go with drama such as dances and singing. The Association has since then remained a coordinating body for theatrical arts in Malawi. NTAM was formed to protect the interests, mediates and resolves issues involving performers, drama and choreographic groups on both individual and collective note. The association is comprised of a functional Board of trustees, Executive Members at national level, regional level and some districts within the country and it has almost 150 members nationwide.

Performing artists entertain and make expressions through music, dance, and theater. Performing artists include actors, musicians, dancers, and singers, who creatively express artistic sentiments through their performances.

Contact Persons:

President : Eric Mabedi

Cell : +265 999 785 503

Address : P.O. Box 31942. Chichiri. Blantyre 3. Malawi