Capital City under Copyright Law Enforcement Siege

The Copyright Society of Malawi in Lilongwe has intensified enforcement of Copyright Law for licenses whose period is April 2022- March 2023.

Stakeholders targeted by COSOMA are all computer operators dealing in Music selling (Soft copy), those into photocopying of paper related works (Reprographic/Copy Shops) as well as those engaged in Public Performance of Copyright related works like Bars, Lodges and Restaurants.

In an interview with this reporter, COSOMA Licensing Manager Mutty Munkhondia said these are normal operations to enforce operators to comply with the Copyright Law and not witch-hunting as some could speculate.

“It’s all about copyright licensing. Let operators comply and let authors of these artistic materials benefit from their talents by enjoying their economical rights,” Munkhondia said.

Meanwhile COSOMA operations have so far covered Areas 25, 36, 22, 24, 50, Lumbadzi, Kanengo, City Centre, Mgona, Mtandile, Mtsiliza, Senti, Chinsapo, Likuni, Chigwiri, Nanjiri, Nathenje, Kamphata, Nkhoma, Mitundu and Dowa Turn-off.

Among notable clients whose entertainment and photocopying gadgets got confiscated for failing to adhere to Copyright Law include Wakawaka Europa Bar, L’sBurg Bar, Ufulu Garden Lodge and several shops in City Centre.

According to Copyright Act of 2016, Section 29, exclusive rights in respect of their works are given to creators of creative works. Therefore, using artistic materials without a Copyright License infringes this Section.

Meanwhile, all operators in the industry are urged to have a Copyright License from COSOMA if they are to avoid business inconvenience which comes about with confiscation of their gadgets.