Photographers Association of Malawi [PHOTAMA] was established to promote and protect the photographic works and the industry in general. The association provides help, guidance and up-to-date information on photography business, opportunities, equipment, among other things. It also raises awareness to its members on their rights and the rights of others who they may come into contact with in course of their work. The governance structure of PHOTAMA comprises the General Assembly, Board of Trustees, the National Executive Committee (NEC) and Secretariat. The association has its secretariat in Blantyre with 113 registered members (2014-2015).

Considering that there are thousands of photographers across Malawi who are yet to become PHOTAMA members, the association needs to strategically position itself in order to serve and protect the interests of its members better and persuade those who are yet to join. It is a fact that technology is here to stay and is progressively turning to be more sophisticated. Whatever the case the photography industry is facing the challenge of meeting a changed market space and how it responds to the challenges is crucial in its success and the continued development of the industry.


President : Lucky Mkandawire

Phone : +265 888 891 404 / +265 991 366 100

Email :

General Secretary : Canaan Munthali

Phone : +265 888 538 107

Email :

P. O. Box 31633


Blantyre 3