The Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) is a national organization founded in 1997 and registered on 4th September, 1998 by the Registrar General under the Trustees Corporation Act of 1962. It was established in order to accomplish among others the following objectives:

  • To bring together persons and/or groups involved in the promotion of poetry in the country;
  • To promote and preserve Malawian culture through poetry; and
  • To educate, inform and entertain the nation through poetic works. 

Poetry Association of Malawi, therefore, seeks to support the Government of Malawi in attaining edutainment and cultural goals. PAM aims to contribute unreservedly to government’s goal of upholding, improving, promoting and preserving national heritage and values for identity, posterity and development.

President : Chisomo Mdalla

Cell : +265 994 485 190

Email : mdallacnn@gmail.com

 General Secretary : Madalitso Nyambo

Cell : +265 999 430 441

Email : madalitsonyambo@yahoo.com

Address : P. O. Box 60402, Blantyre 6, Malawi